You’d love it Too! Victor Moses is a fan of this TV Series


If you are a movie buff and you consider yourself a massive Victor Moses fan, then perhaps you already know you have something in common with the Chelsea star.

In an interview with the club’s website titled “Lifting the Lid!, Moses revealed what his movie library looks like especially when his team plays away from the Bridge.


The Nigerian revealed he is a huge fan of the American crime drama television series, Power.


It’s not so hard to see why he loves Power, really, who doesn’t?


Responding to a series of questions about his team and preferences, Moses was asked : Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?


He responded: “I sit with Eden and we always have a laugh and crack jokes. While we’re away I watch a lot of Netflix. I like Peaky Blinders and Power.”


Maybe he should have been pressed further to reveal what character in Power he thinks best represents his personality.


Who do you think that’ll be?


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