The Inspiring Story Of Victor Moses


Victor Moses comes from a Christian family that is quite poor, with his father working as a pastor and his mother trying to help him.


When he was 11 years old, he learned that after an attack at his home, both of his parents were killed.

At that time, Victor was playing football at the streets, where he learned the tragic news, apart from the shock, he was notified that he was to be the next target, so his friends smuggled him to a hiding place in order to calm the situation.

The Decision That Changed Victor Moses Life

A family from South London accepted the responsibility to take care of him, at the age of 11 years; Moses arrived in England, in a place completely unknown to him, away from his home, in a place that he knew absolutely no one.

“That trip from Nigeria was too big, what I want, is to stay strong and work hard for myself whether this has to do with football or not.

I thank God for what I am today, It’s a dream come true and if I continue at the same rhythm, who knows, I may play for Barcelona one day.” says Victor Moses.

The memories of those childhood years when he played football with the rest of his pals on the streets of any Nigerian city are still fresh.

“I wore no shoes, we simply barefooted and when a small ball fell at our feet and we started out playing football.”

Moses, who already counts three matches with the National Nigerian team, hoping to help get the qualification to the African Nations Cup after the recent 2-2 in the first match against Liberia.

“Every time I am in Nigeria, it is a pleasure to see Chelsea fans in Nigeria and shouting my name, the same thing happened when I went to Liberia.

Everywhere in Africa, all football fans are watching Premier League.” he said.

The Chelsea midfielder will never forget his parents; he always remembers them with love and nostalgia.

“I’m sure wherever they are right now, they would be proud of me, they will look from above and be proud of…”


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