River State Commissioner of Sports, Hon. Boma Iyaye Lashes Out At Rivers United Technical Crew, Calls For Heads To Roll


Two games in the 2018 AITEO Cup group stage with no points to show for it as left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Rivers State Commissioner of Sports who on Wednesday lashed out at the Technical Crew after the team suffered a second loss in three days this time to Kwara United at the Agege Stadium.

In his outlay which was on one of the club’s social media platform, Hon. Boma said, “I’ve constrained myself from making comments but unfortunately I am so pained that I have to.”

“It is very heartbreaking that our team will always put us in this kind of predicament, where we will all turn to mathematicians.” He added

On the quality of the team and technical crew, Hon. Boma did not hold anything back as he said, “Trully speaking we do not have a team neither do we have a Coach or technical crew and my recommendation will be to disband the entire team and start afresh.”

He concluded by describing the Rivers State government as the biggest spenders among financiers of Nigeria football clubs but it was always disheartening that all the team could return to football lovers in the State was disappointments and tears.


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