Paraguayan Club 2 de Mayo gets a Bitch as Assistant Coach


In Paraguay, football is passion for humans and – believe it or not – for Dogs as well.

So much so that a football club in Paraguay, Club 2 de Mayo, have an assistant coach that’s actually a Canine.


The 10-year-old Stray Dog, named Tesapara was first noticed by Manager Carlos Jara Saguier, who feed the bitch and since then the story has been one of pure Football Romance.


Per Matias Grez, When ‘Tesapara’ isn’t allowed in the technical area, she watches from the stands.

The Manager himself said, ‘I invited her for a piece of empanada (a type of pasty baked or fried) and since that day, every time I arrive to work, she receives me.’


‘ Tesapara is the guardian of the club, she lives there, when the gates close she is fierce, by day she is friendly, very accessible, and from me she does not take off, since I arrived she accompanies me on the court, in the corridors, in the office’ He continued.


‘ When she sticks to me, she does not want anyone to take her away from me, there she is, she’s my partner on May 2nd, we got used to it,’ Saguier was quoted by


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