My team is Improving by Each game – Coach Gbenga Ogunbote.


Speaking exclusively after the match of Rangers international and UMS Bel Abbas of Algeria is the head coach of  Rangers international coach Gbenga Ogunbote aka the ”Oracle ”.

I think the team is improving by each game played,  we give glory to God, we have being able to scale through this hurdle ,though we still have one more to cross.

The boys were a little bit wasteful ,this is a game we would have wrapped up in the first half, if we our cumulative chances lost was summed up, we would have scored more than  ten goals to our credit.

In tournaments of this nature you don’t toil with chances, as you can see some times it will come,  some times the chances do not come again.

Regrading the improvement of the team,  there is no secrets other than hard work, they are actually getting use to my philosophy and i hope they continue to improve on it.

Though our opponent are not a bad side ,this is a team that has being consistent and familiar with playing in the continents  .

We introduced two new players today, to add up the eighteen man we have using in our  squad, the numbers have increased to about 23 we can make use now to play in the continents.

Concerning the changes made in the first half, i will say considering  magnitude of the game, it is huge,  so you cannot underestimate it,  changing a striker with a low performance in the field of play is a normal thing,  but does not mean he is  bad totally.

The Ranger gaffer concluded by saying It was a good  victory for the team.


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