A ‘Group of Death’ is a group which is unusually competitive, because the number of strong competitors in the group is greater than the number of qualifying places available for the next phase of the tournament.

Thus, in the group phase, two strong competitors in the ‘Group of Death’ will necessarily be eliminated, who would otherwise have been expected to progress further in the tournament. Generally speaking, the term is applied to groups containing top class teams.

The sinitrous monikers is used to describe a group that is felt to be particularly difficult and there have been plenty instances in various competitions over the years. While there are varying degrees of talent present in each squad they all have the capacity to take points off each other and push for top-two finish.

The term is sometimes derided as a purely journalistic invention, a cliché or oversimplification based entirely on the unsportsmanlike notion that outcomes of such tournaments are largely predictable and that there are always  underdogs, dark horses and top dogs.

Calling Group ‘C’ a ‘Group of Death’ could be a stretch on the basis of their recent forms. The group is an intriguing collection of teams which include:
Kwara United
Kano Pillars
Rivers United and
Abia Warriors

Kwara United will definitely be incredible tough to beat and have improved ever since dramatically ending Pillars’ free away draws in match day 14 of 2017/18 Nigeria Professional Football League [NPFL].

Expectedly the Harmony Boys will face tough challenge given the wealth of experience and availability of matured players in other teams. What is obvious under the new system and the readiness of the radiant buzzing, ambitious, business like youngsters with mystical optimism, Kwara United will be favourites to win the group haven known the strong and week points of each team in the group while the league lasted.

It may not seem immediately obvious, but Group ‘C’ should be incredibly competive. The Harmony Boys and <><><> will be favoured to progress

‘Group of Death’ are given the label in advance of the tournament. What happens at the tournament may prove to be completely different.

According to Mr Oke M. Jimoh, Kwara United team manager, as monitored on Royal FM, Ilorin early hour of yesterday on Soccer Chat, anchored by Jide Oluwaseun, ‘…people are saying Group of Death, it is group of peace and progress for Kwara United, we are confident because we are doing everything humanly possible to emerge the group leader…’

By and large, Coach Abubakar Bala, the man with predative instinct has categorically told his wards that ‘only man has been given right to change his habit through the power of the will, other earthly creatures are governed by the law of instinct. Positive attitude towards achievement of collective goal will put the club in her rightful position.’ We are United and we remain indivisible.

Kwara United
In God we trust.

AKINOLA Francis Gbenga
Club Psychologist.


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