Kick off date for NPFL remain 13 January, 2019 – Alhaji Shehu Dikko

Photo credit : BusyBuddies

The LMC Chairman and 2nd Vice-President, Shehu Dikko, spoke in an interview monitored by .

LMC  chairman said, i am very optimistic Nigerian domestic league will come out of it’s present challenges hindering the progression of the League.

Shehu Dikko   stated that , the National Nigerian League(NNL) have made plans to kick off with the Super 8 on the 5th,  which  i think , to finish probably on the 9th.

Following the festive period the teams involved have been given time to arrive on the 3rd or 4th.

The league chairman further said,  We will get it right these time and we will hopefully start the league at its proposed date .

Honestly we have learnt our lessons from what happened the last season and we putting measures on ground to see how we can prevent such mistakes reoccurring .

Shehu Dikko in his optimism believes of better days ahead for NPFL.

He said, everything is gradually coming back to normalcy .

 There are plenty of things that need to be done, to get the league in to a better  shape  which,We need to focus on those issues and see what next to do.

The LMC chairman concluded by saying Everything will  certainly fall in place as planned this season and at the end all the brawling issues will fade away gradually.

The proposed January 13 date for NPFL kickoff still stands even as the NNL Super 8 will now start in Aba on January 5 and ends January 8.


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