Japan And Senegal Supporters In The Running For FIFA Fan Award


FIFA have announced that Japan and Senegal supporters have been nominated for the FIFA Fan Award after their display of ‘dedication’ and ‘passion’ at the World Cup.

Japan maintained their amazing tradition of cleaning the stadium, even after suffering a heart-breaking loss in the final seconds of their World Cup last-16 match against Belgium.

While Senegal fans cleaned up their section inside the stadium before leaving the ground after victory against Poland.

FIFA revealed the nominees for the award, as both sets of supporters are joined by Peru fans and Sebastian Carrera, the Colombian fan who made a 3,000km round trip to watch Puerto Montt’s away tie against Coquimbo.

On FIFA’s official website, they said the following about Japan and Senegal fans:

“While dedication and passion were clear for all to see when fans of Japan and Senegal brought noise and colour to Russia 2018, they also went beyond the call of duty as fans. Showing unrivaled respect for fellow supporters and their hosts, the images of them cleaning stadiums after their team’s games drew huge praise from onlookers worldwide.”


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