Iwobi Must Keep Working, Pushing Hard – Emery


Arsenal attacker, Alex Iwobi has received a tall order from his coach, Unai Emery, who says the in-form player must keep working hard in order to maintain top form.


Heading into Saturday’s home game against Liverpool in the English Premier League, Emery admitted that Iwobi has wowed The Gunners’ fans with his skills and passes of recent, but said the Super Eagles’ star must not rest on his oars.

Aside urging Iwobi to keep his game in top form, Emery reasoned further that The Gunners’ former under-21 team captain needs to maintain good attitude and cordial relations with his teammates, in order to keep up their synergy during matches.

The Spanish gaffer, who has handled both Sevilla of Spain and PSG of France in a short yet glorious coaching career, added that he also has a role to play in keeping Iwobi in check.

Emery said ahead of Saturday’s match at Emirates Stadium: “He (Iwobi) is very young and I think he played here with improving moments in his career.

“We need to also push him more to improve because he has the quality and the capacity.

“The first thing is with the behaviour in training, finding ways to improve every day.

“Also to give him what he can improve tactically, individually. I think a lot of it is confidence, every player needs confidence.

“Not only with playing but when we are together and we are here. I want every player to feel this confidence but also with a very big demand from us and on himself also to work every day.

“It’s try, try, try and try. If you are doing a good action individually or not, continue with the confidence to try another, to try again.

“After that, good commitment every day, good behaviour every day and feel together with your team and respect decisions and respect your teammates.”


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