Iwobi: Huddersfield’s Defensive Play Was Tight


Arsenal attacker, Alex Iwobi has attributed his team’s inability to score more than one goal against Huddersfield Town on Saturday to a tight defensive ploy executed by the opponents.

Iwobi, who played as a substitute in the encounter, further admitted that The Gunners were fortunate to even score, but fotoballlive.ng can report that he has given his colleagues kudos for their efforts.

The Gunners’ former under-21 team captain praised his teammates for fighting hard to get victory on Saturday and thanked all Arsenal fans for their relentless support.

Iwobi said: “It was actually a difficult match; knowing fully well that Huddersfield Town players actually created a defence lock down, which made it difficult for us to create opening for goals.

“We were fortunate enough that at the end of the day, we got the only goal that gave us the three points in the match. “Our aim is to keep pushing to ensure we actually finish the season as top three.

“We drew against Manchester United and we knew we cannot afford to draw or lose at home against Huddersfield.

“I am excited that we finally got a breakthrough, which is our reward for putting up a good fight.”


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