Ikechukwu Ezenwa describes football as business to him


The Super Eagles goalkeeper ikechukwu Ezenwa believes Football is my business and it means a whole lot to me.

I am in the National Team to do my best, not just my best but my very best.

To me football is a game where you will have to dedicate your time and your abilities to achieve what you want.

When it comes to representing my beloved country i am ever willing to give my very best at any length to make my country proud.

I am Nigerian and i love my country to the core.

Though we do face challenges as a team, but all we need to do is try and put it behind us and work harder to be better and formidable.

As for me when ever i am called upon to serve, i am willing to render my best of the best to the course of the team’s success.

Come Saturday i strongly believe in the strength of the team and i know we will come out victorious.


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