I strongly believe Rangers Int’l will scale through the next hurdle – Kelvin Itoya.


Super Sub kelvin Itoya spoke exclusively to www.footballlive.ng immediately after Rangers Int’l victory yesterday.

First all we give glory to God for giving us this victory,  as the good book says “it is not of him that willeth or runneth but of God that showeth mercy” so we so grateful for the victory.
Going to the next round, before the group stage,  i think we’ve been taking it one game at the time and we’ve not lost a game in this competition so far,  and i don’t think the next year segment will be different from these previous matches played.
I strongly believe we are going to scale through the next hurdle, when we get to know our next opponent , we will prepare hard and make sure that we go further in the competition .
Regarding our conversion rate, as players we play according to instructions though we lost of lots of good chances,  but we believe we going to go back to the drawing board and critically work on it,  i know we will perfect it as we progress in the competition.
My target in the CAF Confederation Cup is that as a team we are  going to be taking it each game at the time and we believe we are going to go far in this tournament.
Having looked at how we  got to this point you will know we are up for greatness .
He concluded by saying we believe God’s favour and efficient hard work is going to take us further.


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