I Passed FIFA Integrity Test To Be Recognised By FIFA. Pinnick Amaju .


The NFF President and 1st vice President CAF Pinnick Amaju  spoke about his integrity FIFA test in an interview monitored by footballlive.ng on National television. The NFF president went ahead to say:

Three of us went through a very thorough FIFA scrutiny with the FIFA integrity test and Its in line with anti-corruption  policies of the Federal Government , and not everybody passed the test as at then.
I could remember when i did my integrity test we were like 52 in number  then and only 22 of us past the integrity test from different countries.
Why?  Because they go as deep as inviting international agencies come to Nigeria unknown to you, they go through all your records checking everything you’ve got,  if eventually you have some illegitimate transaction you have automatically failed the test, this shows you it’s a thorough investigative test.
Coming to fact that we are being labelled and framed as bunch of criminals is really unfair to us,  because we  have put in a lot, we are spur by passion that’s what people should understand in this country.
I will authoritatively say i do not have anything against the honourable minister of Sports, to me, i see him as an amazing personality we have had good relationship in the past which is the truth.
Honestly i don’t know where all the shades of challenges are coming from, just i as i always tell everyone concerning this matter,  i pray to God to open our eyes, for us to know who our friends are and who are our enemies are as well.
I stand with the belief of don’t of “don’t discard your enemies, bit pray for them to change ” that’s what i do everyday,  i bare no grudges at heart against anyone the NFF president concluded .


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