Football Fan Gets Favourite Team Badge Tattooed On His FACE


This is the dedicated football fan who appears to have had his favourite team’s badge tattooed on to his face. The startling body art was posted to social media by tattoo artist Mel Saltillo, who is based in the city of Saltillo in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

The fan, whose name has not been revealed in local media, had the crest of Mexican side Club America inked onto his left cheek. The crest features a yellow background with a map of North and South America in blue ink and the letters ‘c’ and ‘a’ in red.

The tattoo takes up nearly all of the superfan’s cheek.

When the photos were shared on social media, most people were shocked by the fan’s body art.

Emmanuel Sarabia Bernal wrote: “And I thought I had seen everything.”

Francisco Torres added: “How ridiculous!”


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