First loss at home, it was a blessing in disguise – Mfon Udoh


All time highest goal scorer of NPFL with 23 goals believes loosing at home is a blessing in disguise.

Speaking exclusively to is the former Enyimba Fc captain player Mfon Udoh.
It was a very difficult game,  we went into the game with the hope that we were going to win the game,  but as faith could have it one point is bad for an away watch.
We are happy and we are glad as well too that we got the one point, rather than going  back home defeated.
We were optimistic about winning the match, because we did put a lot of work and sacrifice, with such efforts i knew we  were going to pick a point at most at the end of match which our belief paved a way and it worked out well for us.
Losing our first match at home for me i would yes it’s a blessing in disguise,  it made us to wake up faster to the league’s reality, it did put us on our toes, it dawned on us it that we need to work more harder.
Regarding settling down in Akwa United ,  i will say i am still trying to settle down for now.
Concerning our next match against Plateau United , i think we have paid price needed to be paid,  we have made the mistake we made and adequate correction has being done to avoid such reoccurrence  .
With pace at which we have picked up,  which was glaring at Kano, but in Uyo is going to be a big No!!  to even a draw,  because it will not be favourable for us,  so it’s going to be a complete win for us the former captain of Enyimba concluded.


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