FIAN Grace 2018 World Football Summit Held In Madrid, Spain


Several members of the Football Intermediary Association In Nigeria (FIAN) made the trip to Madrid, Spain to attend the 2018 World Football Summit (WFS) which held between the 24th and 25th of September 2018.

The WFS climaxed with Football Legend and new owner of Valladolid Ronaldo da Lima giving an insight on his newly acquired club, thereafter highlighting the future plans for the club.

Discussions on the business aspect of football was top of everyone’s menu with how it could used to influence the economy and enlighten football supporters across the globe being at the front burner.

The keynote speaker, Philipp Radel during his speech admitted that was sometimes difficult for the federations to adapt to the current market and push the sports industry but said it had become imperative for those federations lagging behind to join the moving force.

Another speaker at the WFS, Madrid, Enrique Arribas believes that if ran properly football has the capacity to impact positively on the society.

The global development of the game was also brought to the fore as participants unanimously agreed that continuous football development was non-negotiable.

Members of FIAN who made the trip to Madrid, Spain were Chima Michael, Bright Ifeanyi George, Taiwo Oyeyemi Joshua, Fowakan Adewale and Johnny Ogbah.

Others present as well were Mr Leslie, Benjamin Ashaka and Endurance Iseri Ogbemudia.

The acting secretary of FIAN, Endurance Iseri Ogbemudia who spoke about experience in Madrid said, “The football industry in Nigeria remains untapped and football administrators must put on their thinking cap. The MLS doesn’t get any income from TV rights, funding of the League and it’s clubs comes from ticket sales and corporate sponsorship.”

“Compare this to NPFL clubs who rely majorly on funds from the their respective State governments, the League Management Company and can’t account for gate takings.”

Another issue in which the Acting Secretary of FIAN pointed to was the lack of desire from the authorities to clamp down on the cancer of players/coaches indebtedness from clubs.

Ogbemudia concluded by appreciating God Almighty for the experience and the organizers of the World Football Summit because it gave him and other members of FIAN who attended the summit opportunity to network with football stakeholders from different parts of the World.


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