Dennerby Raises Alarm Over 48 Players In Falcons’ List


Nigeria’s female national team, Super Falcons’ coach, Thomas Dennerby has stirred the hornets’ nest by frowning at the list of 48 players invited to the squad’s camp, can report.

In what could be an indictment of officials at Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Dennerby even went on to opine that naming such large number of players to the camp was either a mistake or an exuberant move.
Dennerby stopped short of completely disowning the invitees’ list, but his words indicate that he was not aware of how such a large number of names were reeled out in the first place.
Dennerby hinted that he would have preferred two announcements of his list of invtees, as he admitted that his target is to have 26 players by the time the international based professionals join them on October 29.
The Swedish tactician stated: “I think it’s some kind of mistake. Of course you can’t camp 48 players at the same time, everybody in football understands that.
“It’s different camps but they sent all the names at the same time but of course 48 is not good if you have them at the same time.
“We have the first camp with domestic players and then we have to see who will enter camp the 17 professional players that will start coming in from Monday, October 29.
“Then we have like 26 to 28 players until November 4when we will have to pick the final squad and then everybody else will have to leave.”


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