DeAndre Yedlin’s Comment To The Referee After Fouling Neymar Instantly Goes Viral


DeAndre Yedlin has gone viral for just a few words following his brilliant conversation with the match referee during Brazil’s friendly win over
the USA.

Brazil traveled to the States for an international friendly with U.S.A.
Neymar hit the headlines before Brazil’s quarter-final exit in Russia for his theatrics during matches and for going to ground too easily.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward even sparked a social media phenomenon called the ‘Neymar challenge’, where people would roll around in the
workplace or in a public setting to mock the Brazilian.

It was also revealed that Neymar had spent a massive 14 minutes on the floor during the World Cup.

And it looks as though Neymar was up to his old tricks again on Friday during Brazil’s 2-0 win against the United States.
In the course of the game, when Newcastle’s DeAndre Yedlin was warned for a trip on Neymar.


That is very, very cheeky.

However, earlier this week, Neymar insisted that he’s making an effort not to be so theatric in the future.

“I’m faster, a little lighter and I suffer a lot of fouls,” he said.

“The other players won’t let me through without hitting me. It’s no use asking, ‘excuse me, I want go through’.


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