Coach kabiru Dogo cries out over coach Abdullahi Biffo kidnapped.


Sunshine Stars technical adviser Kabiru Dogo has appealed to Katsina State Government, Kwara State Government as well as the management of Katsina United  Urgently to  have a quick solution to the case of kidnapping  of coach Abdullahi Biffo .

Biffo had been reportedly kidnapped by the unknown persons who are demanding 15 million naira for his release.
Speaking to our source  is the head coach of sunshine stars Fc of Akure, coach Dogo over the bad omen that has befall the Nigerian coaches.
As a coach i am deeply saddened over what has happened to my fellow colleague, it not a thing of joy in anyway that one of us has being kidnapped  yet no answers for a week to its regard.
He said, I have spoken to a member of his family and I was told they were unable to reach him in the last six days.
I beg and urged the Katsina State Government, and his employer Katsina United management to do something about it.
Coach Biffo is more of a brother to me because we are from the same Kwara State , I am  pleading and appealing to the Kwara State Government to do something too, because one of their sons have being held in captive.
And i am also calling on the Nigeria Football Coaching Association (NFCA)  necessary authorities regarding the matter to come out and make a statement.


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