Alex Iwobi love what he is doing – Chuka Iwobi


Seeing Alexandra play in the National team, It is a dream come true not just making feel like a proud parent but also a proud Nigerian too.

Alex is loved by the nation , at same time Alex has such deep love and passion for his nation too, he is Nigeria, he was born Nigerian, so playing for such a big country like ours is a big privilege of joy to him and the entire family.

Regarding seeing Alex coming this far in his career, not all i will say, there was no plan as then because he started playing football for fun, but now he has become very big in what he is doing.

He loves what he does , and he is being paid for what he enjoys doing and to me that the best job in the whole world to work where your passion lies.
The love of the fans is so remarkable.

Concerning the match against Libya is not a bye pass team, this is a team that played a draw against south Africa, it shows they are a good team.

I know the coach, the officials along side every players in the squad are preparing hard for this match, they are leaving no stone unturned, they are working hard , they are not taking the Libyans for granted.

He concluded by saying, it is going to be a tough game but i personally see the eagles being victorious at the end.


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