A Study Has Revealed Highest Earning Premier League Supporters


The Premier League table of fans earnings has been revealed today, with surprises across the board.

The study, via FootballTips, ranks all 20 teams based on the average salary of their local fans. Brighton and Hove Albion were ranked champions of the table of top earners with an average salary of £43,000.

Most of the usual top six clubs were nowhere to be seen, with Chelsea, the richest borough in the country, taking second with £41,000 and Leicester a surprise third at £40,000.

For comparison, the average UK salary brings in £27,000-per-year, which is nearly half the average weekly wage of a Premier League footballer at £50,000.

Arsenal fans rank eighth, earning on average £30,000, but will yet again have to fork out the most cash to go and see their club play. The gunners cheapest season ticket is ‘only’ £891.

Premier League teams shared a ridiculous $5b from the new TV deal, yet fans are not seeing that money trickle down, as season ticket prices were once again raised by clubs, leaving them outraged.

Despite this, football fans will continue to wholeheartedly follow their teams.

Full Premier League Average Earnings Table below:

1.Brighton & Hove Albion – £43,000

2.Chelsea – £41,000

3.Leicester City – £40,000

4.Bournemouth – £37,000

5.Southampton – £35,000

6.Watford – £33,000

7.Tottenham Hotspur – £31,000

8.Arsenal – £30,000

8. Manchester City – £30,000

10.Wolverhampton Wanderers – £29,000

11.Fulham – £27,000

12.Huddersfield Town – £25,000

12. Manchester United – £25,000

14.Newcastle United – £24,000

15.Liverpool – £23,500

16.Everton – £23,000

17.Crystal Palace – £22,000

18.Burnley – £21,000

19.West Ham United – £20,000

20.Cardiff City – £19,000


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