Young footballers shouldn’t do it for the Money – Ikpeba


Former Nigeria forward Victor Ikpeba says young footballers should focus less on money and more on building their talents, because the value of a footballer will be determined by their productive.

Ikpeba who was voted Africa Player of the Year in 1997 and played for some top European sides including AS Monaco and Borussia Dortmund.


The Super Eagles striker earned 31 caps for Nigeria and argues that success comes with hard work, being diligent and staying focused.


He advised young footballers seeking greener pastures abroad to lay emphasis on honing their talents.


“I think young players going abroad shouldn’t prioritize the money. What to do is, think about playing well and doing well, fight and work hard,”


“When I started my career, I had those attributes of a hard worker. Mostly Today the players are carried away, they begin to think they’ve arrived after one deal.


“In football career, if you’re lucky you get ten or fifteen years, but more if you are not injury prone. In my case, I was determination and the desire to really do well was there, also, credit to my Manager back then, Daniel Evrad; he died few weeks ago.


“He really helped me, you see, it’s good to have a good Manager that will be there for you, when the going is good or tough and supports you emotionally.


“When you surround yourself with such people, you yourself must show that fighting spirit, that determination and the sky will be your limit, Ikpeba concluded.


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