You Like Football And On Instagram But Not Following Eric Cantona? What’s Wrong With You?


Remember when Manchester United legend Eric Cantona decided to plonk a massive plate of Spaghetti on his head to resemble Neymar’s new hairstyle before the World Cup began?
The 52-year-old captioned the picture “Neymar style…spaghetti al dente!” and the post soon went viral. It was a moment of genius.

Photo credit : Eric Cantona

He had only been on Instagram for three days, but it didn’t take him long to casually produce one of the biggest images of the year.

Well, since he did the rounds on social media, the king has uploaded 35 unforgettable posts in the space of a month and they are all absolutely incredible.

From standing on his bath tub wearing his casual wear, a swimming hat and a pair of goggles, to pushing his head through a chair and holding a piece of paper stating “f*cking algebra.
This Instagram account is by far one of the best around. Sit back, relax and check out some of these belters. Long live the king!


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