Yobo Confirms His Entry Into Active Politics


Former Super Eagles captain, Joseph Ikpo Yobo has confirmed his entry into active politics, as the ex-defender says he wants to make a direct impact on developing the country and his immediate community.

Yobo said his involvement in some political rallies during the 2015 election campaigns was a way of gaining experience and preparing him for his espied entry into an active role and involvement in shaping leadership in the country.

He added that the recent election of former football star, George Opong Weah as Liberia’s president has motivated him further, as he has been encouraged to believe that any other ex-international could also go far on the political terrain.

As part of his involvement in politics and issues of election, Yobo has thrown his weight behind the process of mobilising Nigerians to collect their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) before the closing date of August 31.

Yobo was part of a rally organised by Grassroots Mobilization Initiative (GMI) at Saint George Primary School, Ikoyi, Lagos.

During the occasion, Yobo, who is a promoter and brand ambassador for the group, advised that people should not sell their votes and vote for candidates of their choices.

The former Everton and Fernebahce defender said acquisition of PVCs is crucial for the country’s electoral process, with a view to the emergence of credible leaders during the 2019 elections.

Yobo explained: “We are here to sensitise the public on the importance of getting their Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC).

“That is the only power they have to elect trust worthy and credible leaders in power. Your vote is your constitutional right, so don’t deny yourself.

“I’m very passionate about politics and that’s why I was at some campaign rallies to understudy a few things about Nigerian politics.

“Liberian president George Weah is a role model in this regards as he made a lot of us believe we can also contribute to nation building.

“Some of us played a big role while in the national team because you need to understand the rudiments to lead, most especially when you are the leader.

“You have a big role to play between the players, the coaches and the administrators as there are lots of things behind the scene.”


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