Wrexham FC owner, Reynolds’ reveals Bizarre Encounter between Wife and naked Player


Ryan Reynolds says whenever he and his wife visits the dressing room, a shirtless 17-year-old striker, Ollie Palmer, is always the first to approach his wife and start conversation.

Despite praising him as one of his best players, Reynolds admitted he had to shield his wife, Blake Lively, from the player.


According to the Hollywood star, “ Every time we’ve come as a family we’ve come over we have a walk down to the dressing room. I’m thrilled for him and his clothing brand. It’s nice to see that take off.”

He further mentioned that, “Ollie is always the first one to walk out, completely shirtless, to have a conversation with my wife. I’m like, ‘Ollie put a f**king shirt on and come back out to speak to her like a gentleman’.”


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