Woman Looking For N3k Job Gets N250k Alert From Ahmed Musa


A woman looking for N3k job received an alert of N250k from Ahmed Musa at the Stephen Keshi stadium.


The kindness of Ahmed Musa, the Stand-In- Captain of the Super Eagles, is still the talk of the town in Asaba, as the attacker surprised an Asaba woman, who came in search of a menial job of N3,000.00 with a credit alert of N250,000.00.

It was gathered that the woman came to the Stephen Keshi stadium with her son with the hope of speaking to someone in the authority on the possibility of getting a job as a cleaner for the period that the stadium will be engaged with football games beginning from March 22 – March 26.

Surprisingly, something dramatic happened to the woman after the Eagles’ training last Thursday when Musa on sighting the woman’s son wearing the complete jersey of the Super Eagles, he carried the young boy of fewer than three years old.

He carried him inside the official bus of the Super Eagles, playfully chatted with him for some minutes before beckoning on the mother to come.

She came to Musa. Both of them had a very brief chat and she stepped out of the bus. In a jiffy, within some splint seconds, the mother of the young boy screamed as she saw alert of N250,000.00 on her phone.

She was very excited, thanked Musa and waved him and the rest of the Super Eagles players as the bus drove out of the stadium.

Just an encounter with kindhearted Musa, the story of this woman changed from looking for a job of N3,000.00 to receiving an alert of N250,000.00

Wherever the name of Ahmed Musa is mentioned in Asaba, what follows next – is God bless Ahmed Musa.

Story Credit: Francis Achi (Totori)


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