Union SG CEO Admits to Losing Count of Concrete Offers for Boniface


With multiple teams interested in Boniface, Royale Union Saint-Gilloise CEO Philippe Bormans has acknowledged that it is doubtful that the Striker will stay at Les Unionistes for next season.

Boniface has a goal involvement of 27 (16 goals, 11 assists) in 48 games for Union SG, an exceptional season placing himself in the transfer window as a hot commodity.



Already Union have been receiving offers for the 22 year-old, though his contract with the Belgian club runs until the summer of 2026.

Clubs from Germany, Spain, and France are in a heated competition for Boniface.

“Whether there is even a 1% chance that Boniface will stay? Never say never, but it seems very unlikely to me.

“I can no longer count the interested clubs that are concrete on two hands,” Bormans told Het Belang van Limburg, via voetbalnieuws.


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