Silly Reason Saliba Runs Foul Against Arsenal Fans


William Saliba has spiked the anger of Arsenal fans over an image that appeared in a recent social media post.

Arsenal fans have not seen the CB in action for several match days, but their frustration with the French man who’s out injured steams from the art work hanging in his gym.

“Cringy” some labelled it, but it’s unclear what dark or depressing connection that cross section of Gooners have with Peaky Blinders.

Saliba, 22, has 22 league appearance for Mikel Arteta’s side this season as they race for the Premier League title.

The CB has missed five consecutive games due to an injury he picked up in the Europa League against Sporting CP.

In other to avoid future injuries, Saliba installed a gym in his home to assure Gooners that he’s doing everything possible to get back to full fitness, but images found in the Player’s gym seemed to give a different impression and peeved some fans.

These decorations were installed by the company that fixed the gym and was an inspiration from Instagram, Saliba explained in an attempt to diffuse the energy.

Arsenal fans commented on the images which includes an iconic Chicago Bulls poster – featuring Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman – and a Peaky Blinders poster.

The UK drama series poster sightings ticked some fans off, but one has to wonder if it was just about that or the pressure of a possible title bust has hit their fanbase.


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