Wikki Tourist hit with Stadium Ban, ₦2.5m fine


The Interim Management Committee has announced that Wikki Tourists have been penalized for fans misconduct.

Wikki received a three-point, three-goal deduction as well as fine in the ruling that was announced, this week.



The club has been fined a total of ₦2.5 million and barred from hosting fans in their home stadium for the remainder of the 2022/23 season.

A ₦500,000 fine was handed down to the club, for its lack of adequate security and inability to implement proper crowd control, undermining the safety of match Officials, and disrupting the game.

Each match official was also awarded a ₦250,000 compensation for the assault faced.

The IMC ruling, is the third time this season, where a Club is facing sanctions over stadium violence.



Wikki Tourists are expected to notify the IMC in writing, within 48hours, if they’ll appeal the decision.



their decision to submit to the decision or to choose to be dealt with by a disciplinary panel within 48 hours.


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