Why Dessers may Flop in Scotland – Frank de Boer


Former Ajax midfielder, Ronald de Boer, has expressed his opinion concerning the transfer interests of Rangers in Super Eagles striker Cyril Dessers.

Like all strikers, de Boer believes Dessers needs support to perform on the field.


With Rangers are reportedly on the heels of the Nigerian, who joined Cremonese last summer.

“Dessers might be a little more suitable for Scottish football because he’s more physical as a No.9,” De Boer said per Glasgow Live.

“But it depends on what kind of team and what kind of philosophy you have.

“That is something crucial. If you want a guy who waits for the moment, doesn’t get involved that much in the build-up and gets in the box, then it’s Dessers.

“Dessers is a very opportunistic player. If he’s not in form, or when the confidence is not there, he’s a very limited player. Then you think, ‘Who the hell did we sign here!’.

“But when the guy has confidence, then you think, ‘Woah! Where is this coming from?’. Because when he’s playing at his best, he does everything on instinct. He waits for his prey, and then he attacks.

“But for me, he’s a player who, when he’s feeling comfortable, and the manager believes in him, he can add a lot of value.

“But it all depends on if he’s feeling good. If he feels good, he’ll give Rangers a lot of pleasure. But it can also go the other way.

“If you want a type like Morelos, then there is no doubt you go for Dessers.

“What you would get from Dessers is a much better work ethic than Morelos gave Rangers over the last year.”


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