Who is Beefing Biffo?


February 16 2019, coach Abdullahi Biffo, chief coach of Katsina United football club, should be tying the nuptial knot with his beautiful black American princess. Preparation is almost concluded as the football family anxiously await one of the biggest ceremonies, involving one of the most loved football coaches in Nigeria.

He is simple and easy going.  Biffo can hardly kill a fly. He is calm and cool,  he is easy going and highly focused. Just when it seems his light will shine brightest, men of the underworld struck and stole him away from us. For 16 days, sixteen long days,  Biffo is nowhere to be found.
A lively coach with great potentials, has suddenly disappeared, yet no official statement from his club, the coaches association and his supposed friends.
The league management company has not found the boldness to do an official release, they have not deemed it necessary to stop all Katsina United games or invite the police to work, everyone have gone cold and quiet.
 Is Biffo a fly? Is he not human enough to deserve our pity and love? Why are we so unconcerned and less interested? Who did Biffo hurt that wants him dead one month to his wedding?
  Coach Abdullahi Biffo, the smooth operator, the silent achiever, a gentle jack with a good heart.
 Arise o compatriots, let’s stand and ask the kidnappers what they want from the kidnapped. Let’s rise and ask Katsina united to tell us what is amiss. Let’s rise and ask Ladan Bosso why his coaches are all quiet?
Who wants Biffo dead? Who amongst us want Biffo dead? His pretty wife must not hear this sad story.
15m ransom is not considered good enough to bail a gentleman? We want our Biffo back. He is too good and too humble to be maltreated.
Biffo, wherever you are, come out now, your friends have missed your smile.


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