Who Cursed Us! Former Official Slams NFF over Super Eagles coaches’ Imbroglio


Former NFF technical director, Barrister Chris Green has slammed the Federation for the current trend of inconsistencies happening in the camp of the Super Eagles.

This is coming in the wake of the sack of former assistants to Jose Peseiro, Finidi George and Ike Shorunmu, both of whom have since been replaced with Usman Abdallah and Olatunji Baruwa respectively.

The NFF, however, explained in a press release why both Coaches were cut from the squad in Abuja; that it was a cost-cutting policy.

In his reaction, Green censured the NFF’s handling of the situation, and described it as “comical”.

“This is a worrying situation now because it has never been like this in the past,” Christopher Green said in a chat with FL.

“I have not seen where you begin to rotate coaches in a team, it doesn’t make sense, and it does not make for consistency. What philosophy are you going to teach these boys or impact on them when your philosophy is changing?

“You bring in new sets of coaches and you change your philosophy? It doesn’t matter if the head coach is there, he has to work with those who also join him in his philosophy, how are you going to get this working out? It’s all comical.”

“Ghana just relieved their coach and they brought in a top coach with a very high profile from England, and here we are. It is just disgusting.”

“Don’t we have a technical department? Is the technical department not consistent enough? Don’t they have capacity? Don’t we have a competent person to manage and run these things for us properly? Are we not aware that our football is going down?

“Why are we doing this to ourselves now? Who has cursed us? What’s going on? We are not happy.

“When the results don’t come, these are parts of the reasons, when we don’t develop, these are parts of the reasons.

“These guys are part of the team and you are rotating them, what is the meaning of that? Why can’t they remain? What do you talk about cost cutting when you took them in in the first place didn’t you consider cost?

“What about all the money FIFA is sending? I can’t understand it, is Ghana FA richer than Nigeria?

“Instead of us to emulating what is happening in other countries like Morocco and Senegal, even Ghana is trying to pick up, Cameroon is trying to pick up, and we are the ones lagging behind, what is this? Is it not enough that we failed to go to the world cup,” the former NFF Official quipped.


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