What Mohamed Salah Did When A Man Burgled His Family Home Is Just Incredible


How many people reading this would press charges after hearing the news that a thief stole from their family?

I’m guessing the majority of us would, but that’s not how Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah reacted during his playing days in Egypt.

In a brilliant interview with The Daily Mail that gives us an insight into Salah’s childhood, one particular story details the moments after he found out his family was robbed when he was playing in Alexandria, Egypt.

The thief was caught two days later and despite his father wanting to press charges, Salah asked him to drop the case.

Salah proceeded to give the thief some money to get his life up and running. He even tried to help him find a job.

The interview states that the Liverpool player ‘wants everyone to have a chance to better themselves’.

This isn’t the first time Salah has inspired us.

In an exclusive interview with Liverpool’s official website, the unstoppable Egyptian has spoken about the incredible sacrifices he made as a young man.

A story that gives you a real insight his extremely difficult, but rewarding journey in the beautiful game.




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