What Messi Said To Paulinho That Made Him Too Afraid To Take A Free Kick


Paulinho has already left Barcelona and returned to Guanzghou Evergrande, but that doesn’t make the move any less surprising.

Only Lionel Messi believed he would be signing for the Catalans, and he used that confidence to unsettle him in a friendly between Brazil and Argentina.

His spell at the Camp Nou was much more successful than many believed it would be, but he said Messi put him off at a crucial moment.

“I was preparing to take a free-kick with Willian and another player I do not remember. Suddenly, I see Messi from behind, who is approaching me little by little and says: “Are you going to Barcelona or not?’” He told me right before I was about to take the free-kick.

“What did I tell him? ‘If you want to take me, you can take me. I am going’. I was so nervous that I said to Willian, ‘You’re taking the free-kick!’”

Credit : Freebets


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