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Back in 2011, Dota 2, which stands for Defense of the Ancient, had a sensational launch that shook up the eSports market with the brand-new tournament, The International. It was just the first event in the consecutive series that has been played every year since then.

The first International raffled off $1.6 million and grabbed the attention of millions of players all over the globe. The popularity of betting on eSports grows every year, and there are already plenty of decent Dota 2 betting websites in Nigeria. In this article, we’ll examine why Dota 2 has had such a break-through history in eSports and what is the safest bet to place on Dota 2 if you’re only a beginner. Let’s commence!

Why Does Betting On Dota 2 Feel So Special?

Dota 2, or simply Dota, is an online video game in the genre of MOBA, which is an abbreviation for multiplayer online battle arena. As the genre prescribes, the battlefield in Dota 2 always remains the same, but with the great diversity of playable heroes, 121 available champions to be concrete, every match is unique and doesn’t feel like you’ve already seen it before.

The essence of the game itself is quite simple. The main goal is to destroy the opponent’s main fortress at the opposite end of the map. The fortress’s name is “The Ancient,” and it’s secretly hidden in the name of the game itself. There are three ways to reach the enemy’s Ancient: the top line, mid lane, and bottom lane. Five players on each team have to select a hero, pick a line, and farm gold and experience from killing minions and rivals. The more farm (i.e. gold as in-game currency) you have, the better equipment you can afford. Generally speaking, the game process can be explained on the fingers of every sports punter who’s never heard of Dota 2 before.

The excitement of the gameplay, and even more so the thrill of the combination of watching the match and betting on it, comes a little later when you have an awareness of what is happening on the map. As in any team-oriented discipline, you’ll witness the coordination between top-tier players and sneak into their decision-making process, which is already a satisfaction. No mundane after-work match can compete with the quality of events at any tournament, which is why millions of players around the world are glued to their screens for The International and devour the content with unbiased, childlike admiration. You’re also more than welcome to learn the straightforward basics of Dota 2 and start betting on the game right now.

The Beginning of Betting On Dota 2

Getting started with betting on Dota 2 is not a big deal. Frankly speaking, sometimes superficial knowledge and a quality prediction from a reliable source based on in-depth analytics are more than enough to place the simplest bet and have great potential to win some cash. In order to become a theoretical master of wagering on Dota, you’re still required to learn the basic rules, all available heroes and their skills, main and advanced strategies, drafts, and many more tiny but crucial subjects.

If you are only at the beginning of your betting path, you’ll have more chances not to fail by taking advantage of straight bets, like 1X2. They are easy to understand and do not require years of experience. Whether you agree with us or not, it’s more likely to predict which team will take a win rather than which team will draw first blood and win the map (wow) or which team will destroy the enemy tower first and win the map (wow x2). No worries, the last two betting markets appear to be quite difficult and nonsensical, but once you get your hands on the Dota, you will realize that such bets are quite entertaining and can theoretically be predicted if you have great expertise in every aspect of the game.

Your immersion in the world of Dota 2 will have a quality effect on your stakes and your enjoyment of watching the games. This feeling, accompanied by the sensation of being a part of the world-tier game community, advances the excitement of betting to a brand-new level. Do not hesitate to try it out with small bets, and if you see that this is your thing, start learning new information till you reach the desired mastery.

Types of Bets On Dota 2

Here’s a quick review for types of bets on Dota, which you can look for when planning your strategy:

The Simplest Bet For Newcomers 1X2 Three possible outcomes of the match: either Team 1 wins, or Team 2 wins, or the match ends in a draw (X)
The Safest Bet For Newcomers Double Chance You get to select two of the outcomes above at the same time, but the odds will be lower compared to 1X2
The Hardest Bet For Newcomers Total Frags (on certain map) The general kill count to be above or below a certain point
The Most Unpredictable Bet For Newcomers Handicaps on Frags The specific advantage of one team over its opponent in terms of kills



It’s a hard thing to accept, but nowadays sports betting is being associated not only with the traditional sporting disciplines, like soccer, basketball, or tennis, but also with the relatively new eSports representatives such as Counter Strike, League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch 1 & Overwatch 2, and especially Dota 2. The general superficial bias against sports betting vanished a long time ago, and now it’s up to eSports games to win over more and more fans and dispel the myth that games are only for kids and cannot provide worthwhile entertainment for adults.

The entry threshold for betting on Dota 2 is quite low. We’d actually describe it as “easy to learn, hard to master,” meaning that anybody can start betting effectively right now, but in order to become an expert, you’ll have to learn a lot of rules, strategies, and patterns. Hopefully, we have covered all of your interests in terms of getting started with betting on Dota 2. And if you’re brave enough to give it a shot, we wish you good luck. And remember to play responsibly no matter what.


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