We have our idea to stun Cape Verde – Rohr


‘There’s a game plan’. It’s how the thoughts of Gernot Rohr as he granted an impromptu interview to the handful of Nigerian reporters – who travelled with the Super Eagles to Cape Verde.

The Super Eagles training session had obviously exposed some very disturbing truths about the squad physical strength, depth and quality ahead of a tricky game against a well oiled opponent in their own back yard.
Rohr spoke like a Coach attempting to self-inspire, rather than one confident he has given enough or seen enough to be confident.
He highlighted his team’s weaknesses in what has become a familiar staccato, but was momentarily rattled through the brief interview when asked about his scouting report on Tuesday’s opponent.


Rohr knows enough about Cape Verde, enough to give him genuine concerns, seeing he will be without his regulars in key departments.
But there is always a tactics, game strategy to counter an opponent’s set up on the pitch and Rohr “believes” he could pull a master stroke, his best yet as Super Eagles Manager perhaps.


“They play much like the Portuguese, they like to play quickly forward,” Rohr described Bubista’s side.
“They have very good strikers, they have this wonderful player Mendes (Ryan) and Tavares (Julio) we know them; they have very good offensive players [sic]. They play very often with three in the back. We know that they like to come back to be sure that they don’t concede.


“But we have our idea, our tactics to score a goal and to win the match, that is what we want to do and we know that it is not easy because of this handicap of 10 players missing and two days less of recovery but it will be a challenge.
“We are commando here and it is the fighting spirit that you have to show with a good technical football like always. Tomorrow they announced it will be hot, but we have to adapt. We will also manage the weather.”


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