We don’t have enough personnel to play in the NNL Super 8 – Alhaji Basheed Balogun


The GM of 3SC Alhaji Basheed Balogun who spoke on a radio interview monitored by footballlive.ng .Heard GM Balogun saying ,We  are not going to be playing in the Super 8 because we don’t have enough personnel  to execute our participation in the Super 8.

Regarding the directive that came from NFF mandating all the 8 teams to report to Abia state, the problem in this matter is beyond what people see from the outside, going back to the AGM Congress Asaba, the four teams who came out top  were all congratulated for promoting to NPFL , but the only directive was that the NNL should  have a congress in regards to it, which we did at Abuja.

Now virtually every club in NNL have placed it’s  players on transfer ,preparing for premiership presently for example Insurance is having 9 players left ,  Remo stars having 13 and i am having 15 players left , i retained 18 which two are goalkeepers. Which no one expects me to play Super 8 with less than 18 players on ground.

we have officially written those in charge concerning our shortage of manpower concerning playing the in Super 8 likewise other teams affected also have written too.

He concluded by saying to all shooting stars fans should be calm, we know we have not  enjoyed the right duly meant for us, but this time 3SC we get their  deserved honour.


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