We can’t change the rule of the tournament at the middle of the Super 8 – Mr Chidi Okenwa.


Organisers of the ongoing Bet9ja Nigeria National League Super 8 playoff in Aba headed by chairman Chidi Okenwa Offor have categorically ruled out any possibility of adjusting the tournament fixtures as it relates to the match day three games

Speaking over the issue is Chidi Okenwa Offor chairman of the second tier league NNL board who bluntly see it as unfair to slide in adjustments at this time.
Speaking after a crucial technical meeting held yesterday is the chairman of NNL Super 8 Okenwa Chidi Offor saying in a parable tone:
It is not possible and unfair to shift the goalpost in the middle of a match while the match is on-going.
Okenwa who said playing the last group matches simultaneously was not was not part of the competition’s rules .
The draws were held before the games which every club representative was present, he started there was no voice of opposition raised over the fixtures .
Then while at the tail end are are they now complaining over the last day.
The chairman who Further concluded by saying, as for me , changing the rules at this stage shows unfairness and intents to slow processes of progress down.


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