We cannot destroy the league system by riding on individual interest – Mr Alloy Chukwuemaka .


The executive secretary of club owner’s alloy chukwuemeka expressed his displeasure towards former commissioner of youths and sports submissions regarding the eight teams to be promoted to NPFL.

I personally think there is always a problem whenever someone is beating the drum and dancing the music alone.

With due respect to Hon. Olopade I don’t think all through his submissions he was able to advance any reason for proposing Eight teams to be promoted.

From his interview the whole essence of the proposal is to create problems and undermine the progress of the football league in Nigeria.

I had expected him to give reasons which he never did and as such there seem to be an underground ploy to derail the system.

At first the reason by the NNL was their inability to dispose off arbitration cases, for now that has been done and dusted.

Secondly the issue of funding the remaining part of the league (super 8), and the NFF has assured of financial intervention so what is the trying to communicate.

We cannot destroy the league system by satisfying individual or group of interest.

Except there are other things we don’t know which will soon reveal itself, any body supporting the promotion of 8 teams is an enemy of football not only in Nigeria but something unheard of globally.


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