We can not present a formidable team if we continue in this manner. Coach Ladan Bosso.


The head coach of Gombe united coach ladan Bosso spoke to media after his team loss 2-1 in ABS Stadium Kaduna.

It has come and gone,  the match has being played we have gotten a winner and a loser, so the  loser  will go back and plan for the next match.
Regarding the officiating by the Referee of the match, i have nothing to say about it for now .
Regarding the protest i made towards end of the match, it was glaring that 5 minutes to the end of the match the CEO of the club was on the touch line with the coach, which is very unethical,  meanwhile my assistant came to deliver a message to me he was sent a away.
We have to always try to do the right thing as football heads ,   such actions of a CEO of a club, going to the continents is not possible, because in the continents they are well guided by rules and regulations.
Approaching my next game, we have our plan for home matches likewise for away matches too, all we need to do is to use our tactical for home matches.
In regards to playing against Kano Pillars, i will say is about playing against a familiar enemy which i know their weak points having coached the team before.
The former Fc Ifeanyi Ubah  gaffer concluded by saying we are going  back home to prepare for our next match.


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