Waldrum Wanted Me Out! Okobi Opens Up on Frosty Relationship with Super Falcons Coach


Midfielder, Ngozi Okobi has revealed the sour relationship with Nigeria WNT head Coach, Randy Waldrum, which had her cut from the Women’s World Cup squad.

The revelation is coming after Okobi was snubbed by the Coach – to the surprise of many.


“All the camp I’ve been with Randy, it’s been like, I’ve been the least player for him,” the 29 year-old Midfielder stated.

“He has told me face to face that I am not the player to be in his team, but I never cared, I kept pushing.

“He kept me outside and never gave me an opportunity to prove myself, even before the Nation’s Cup; I was surprised, I don’t know what happened if that’s God or maybe some people worked or God used man to work for me to get me back into the team.”

“Even when I was in the team, he still didn’t see me as a player, when he managed to give me an opportunity, it was like he was waiting for my mistake.

“The only time I’ve had the opportunity to play for him was at the Nation’s Cup.

“Every other journey I went with him, it’s like he waits till probably the last ten minutes, the last five minutes and that’s only two games I’ve had with him; the last ten minutes, the last five minutes.

“The only game I played for sixty minutes was when we travelled to Japan and that was because we did not have all the players. That’s when Randy needed me, that’s when he wanted me in his team.

“The last option, that’s what he has me as, and when this happened, I felt bad again, but I wasn’t surprised because I should have seen the signs coming, but it just happened.”


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