Waldrum can do better with Super Falcons – Uche


Former Super Falcons Coach, Eucharia Uche has urged the team’s handlers to find a quick solution to the losing streak.

Since winning Cameroon 1-0 to clinch the FIFA Women’s World Cup ticket, Nigeria have been on a six-game losing streak.

Recently, losing 1-0 to Mexico in their opening match of the invitational tournament, Revelation Cup, and Uche has charged head Coach Randy Waldrum to stem the tide.

Speaking with FL, the former Coach advised Waldrum to be bold and take actions when necessary, including making tough calls and implementing necessary changes.

“I think the coach has to look inwards; he has to look into the crop of players he is parading.

“Look at what exactly are the factors, he is an experienced coach, he should look inwards. When your team is losing one game after the other, obviously and definitely, something is wrong somewhere.

“It calls for him to sit down and look critically at his team, assess them individually, know the department he needs to overall. Figure who to inject into the team; know who to replace and know who not to replace. He has to do that, that is what football is all about nobody plays forever.

“We played in our time when it was time to quit we quit, so he should look for areas that he needs obvious injection of strong and young players to blend with the team.”

However, She also pointed out that defeats in friendly matches aren’t a clear overview of the team, as team’s focus could be about experimenting and testing his tactics rather than for the game results.

“You called it a friendly, anything can go in a friendly moreover the coach may be testing his players.

“The coach may be trying to use that avenue to screen his players, so I wouldn’t say the result of the match is enough to assess the team or to write them off, because when it comes to preparatory games, a lot of trial and error is done.

“So, the coach might be depending on those he took to the tournament, he might be experimenting, he might be trying to see players very well in a competition. It’s not enough to write the Super Falcons off.”


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