WAFCON winning coach still owed since 2004


Former Super Falcons coach, Godwin Izilien has revealed that the Nigeria Football Federation still owes him salary and bonuses from the successful 2004 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations campaign.

The gaffer revealed that after the tournament in South Africa, he approached the FA’s head of delegation, for the team’s wages and necessary bonuses.

Godwin Izilien said that he was told that all payments will be done as soon as the squad arrived the country.

‘The players had already started grumbling, and I was asked to pacify them. I told them (NFF) that I would not be able to pass any message because the players were visibly tensed about the possibility of being owed for a long time.

‘As soon as the team got back to the country, nothing was done and everyone had to move on.’

He revealed the feeling of disappointment in the squad, but even till today, nothing has been done despite many efforts to reach them to pay what is being owed them.


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