WAFCON 2022: Danjuma advise Falconets to take a lesson from Falcons’ Woes


Nigeria’s U20 WNT Coach, Christopher Danjuma has advised his players to learn from the misfortune of the Super Falcons at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations.

The Falcons were reduced to 9 players in the semi-final against hosts Morocco, and though the game was decided on penalties, the African Champions would have fare better had the players been disciplined enough.
Speaking with FL, Danjuma who is preparing the U20 WNT for the FIFA Women’s World Cup next month described the WAFCON semi-final drama as an eye opener.
The Coach stressed the need for his Players to avoid needless, dangerous tackles in crunch games as was the case in Rabat.
‘A lot of things that transpired during the game exposed some aspects of football at that level and my players need to be aware of these things.
‘We need to keep our heads no matter what, they have to be careful to avoid dangerous tackles when it matters the most so that it won’t cause the team from the pre-mature exit at the world cup.’


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