Volgograd Weather Will Affect Iceland – Official


The Super Eagles may have weather advantage to back their desire for victory against Iceland on Friday, as information out of match venue in Volgograd, Russia indicates it might be too hot for the opponents.

With Iceland reputed as one of the world’s coldest countries, an official in the Nigerian team believes the warmth of Volgograd will be too much for players from The Nordic Nation to bear on Friday.

Weather forecasts over the week further confirmed that a heat wave is expected in Volgograd, with temperature oscillating between 30 and 33 degrees,

However, the Nigerian official said the temperature on match day could be as high as 35 degrees, which would be very much like Abuja in dry season, and he hopes that would be an advantage for the Eagles.

He further stated that the lowest temperature expected on Friday is 26 degrees, which should suit the Eagles well for victory, if they are to get any hope of going past the first round of this World Cup.

Iceland have a point from the deserved 1-1 draw with Argentina but it is believed their disciplined and organized play may suffer because of the sweltering heat by the time the game kicks off 4pm Nigeria time.

“The hot weather will be in our favour on Friday in Volgograd. We hope that will affect Iceland and eventually give us the win we badly need to get our World Cup dream back on track,” the Nigerian official enthused.

However, an independent weather report about the city read: “The average temperature in Volgograd in June is warm at 21 °C (69.8 °F).

“The weather in June is a little parched with rain at times. A mere 40mm (1.6in) of liquid accrues across an average of 10 days.

“The blue above Volgograd is very sunny having on balance a substantial, 10:05 of dazzling sunshine per day. The shortest day is 15:51 long and the longest day is 16:09 long with an average length of 16:04.

“There are approximately 5:46 per day when bright sunshine is absent due to cloud, haze or the sun being too low on the horizon to register. It is sunny approximately 63.6% of daylight hours and cloudy 36.4% of daylight hours.”


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