Tragedy in Local Football Match, as Lightning Strikes Referee Dead in Suleja


A friendly football match held in Madalla town, Niger State, took a tragic turn when a referee, identified as Mustafa Coach 02, was reportedly struck by lightning, leading to his untimely demise.

Mustafa, known among football fans and believed to be associated with the Nigerian Football Federation, lost his life during the match played, Tuesday, at the Community Primary and Secondary Schools’ field.


The incident cast a pall of mourning over the event, transforming what was meant to be a friendly game into a somber occasion.

According to an eyewitness named Muhammed Musa, the tragic incident occurred during the half-time break, in the game involving youths from Suleja and Madalla.

The match took place around 5:20 pm when the incident occurred, interrupting the game and leaving the participants and spectators in shock and sorrow.

The eyewitness account provides further details about the incident’s timing, emphasizing the tragedy’s unexpected nature.

“It was raining and all the footballers along with their fans were taken refuge inside the school’s classrooms. The referee and his assistant (linesman) rushed back to the field, demanding the players join them.

“They were only at the centre of the pitch when the Lightning struck. Two of them were rushed to a hospital, where Sulaiman was confirmed dead on arrival while his assistant was revived.”

A family member of the deceased referee, identified as Ibrahim, has confirmed that Mustafa was laid to rest on Wednesday morning in Suleja town, where he resided.


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