The Top 3 Managers in the Premier League


Even though they are constantly in the news, managers are the underrated and often under-appreciated driving forces behind the teams that play in the Premier League.

They are the people who must work on many different levels, from coaching the team, forming bonds with the players to dealing with the management, while keeping track of the big picture.


During the off-season, while the players are out and about taking a break, the managers are working hard, dealing with transfers to get together a team that will hopefully lead the club to victory once the season begins.


For fans and punters who are as invested in their favourite teams as the people who own them, keeping a watchful eye on the managers and how they are going about their business can make a massive difference when it comes to placing wagers later on.


English football is followed religiously across the world over, and the Premier League is by far the most-watched annual football competition.


So, it only makes sense that one uses this opportunity to make money by indulging in either traditional betting or by partaking in the new trend of betting exchange that, to have betting exchange explained as simply as possible, puts the odds in your hands as you go about making bets against other bettors, and not the bookies.


There’s a reason why English football is the most popular object of sports betting around – save, of course, for major events like the Superbowl or the Olympics – and it’s that this level of passion translates into intense levels of knowledge, which in turn leads to smarter and better bets that keep punters coming back rather than running in the opposite direction.


True football fans have an intimate knowledge of the game, of their favourite teams and the performances of individual players, which makes them ideally set up to place bets on long shots that pay big or “sure things” that pay regularly.



But before you select your odds, it’s worth taking a look at the top managers and their teams to see how things are shaping out to be for the new season.


Pep Guardiola – Manchester City

Pep Guardiola is on top of the world right now. Not only has he managed to get a team together that is performing at its peak, he has also been instrumental in taking his boys to victory on six occasions including two Premier League titles and one FA Cup (in 2019).

As a result, Manchester City are favourites with the bookmakers this season with 4/6 odds for becoming Premier League champions third time around.

Unai Emery – Arsenal

Emery’s first year with Arsenal has been a roller coaster of a ride.

The sad part is that he has the team that can make a difference and go all the way to the top, but something has been lacking, which in return has held them back all along.

Last year, he tried to regroup his team after their poor performance in the Premier League, in the hopes that they can capitalise on reaching the finals of the Europa Cup.

Unfortunately, they suffered a massive 4-1 defeat there against Chelsea.

With continued issues regarding Ozil still lingering, how Emery will manage Arsenal this year will be interesting to watch.

The bookmakers aren’t too certain and have the club on 40/1 odds as the championship winners.

Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool

Riding high on the team’s victory in the Champions League last season, we can expect Klopp and his boys to enter the arena with newfound energy at the Premier League.

Klopp has been with Liverpool since 2015, and while they have performed exceptionally well, the team missed out on significant victories that could have boosted their confidence further.

It is because of this that Liverpool remains a strong club and a favourite with bookmakers as well as punters.

There is no surprise in seeing them listed at 9/4 odds, a bet that is worth making and one which could lead to significant earnings.



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