The tactical discipline gave the win against 3Sc – Remo stars coach Fatai Osho.


Remo Stars  yesterday demolished their south west counterpart in a playoff derby with the traditional team 3SC of Ibadan that ended 3 -0 outright victory for Remo Stars.

Speaking exclusively is the head coach of Remo stars coach Fatai Osho.

The tactical discipline, gave us the day,  but we should not take anything away from 3SC team they are a formidable team  and i see them progressing in this tournament.

During the run of the season,  we did a wonderful job,  we have to compliment it,  by gaining the ticket and being the top winner.

Terms of the opposition we are facing this particular south west group has one of the best teams in the whole of NNL and the challenges in these group will be so tough,  but we are actually ready for every challenge.

My expectations for today’s match is that we know Bendel Insurance is a formidable team,  i watched them played their first match,  we will accord them their respect as a team with good pedigree,  which gives us an understanding of the what we are up against today.

In regards to the saying that the ref was being one sided, for me i believe in the field of play i look beyond such,  i do my best,  i have lost matches terribly too,  but doesn’t mean i will begin use the blame game of the ref officiating to justify my losses.

The Remo Stars gaffer concluded by saying  he adjourns everyone to come out to support Remo stars today.


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