The Pen is Mightier they Say! Journalists trade blows during Senegal vs Tunisia semi-final clash


Disturbing visuals emerged on Sunday of a melee that broke out between members of the media during the semi-final game between Senegal and Tunisia at the AFCON 2019.

The apprehension was extremely high, the tension went unabated and utter disorder broke out in the media tribune between sets of Senegalese and Tunisian journalists.


The melee broke out after Tunisia was awarded a penalty in regular time.


In spite of the calm showed on field by the player, the media stands was on fire with a couple of contentious decisions going either sides.


The game eventually finished in favour of Senegal courtesy an own goal in the 100th minute by Dylan Bronn.


Some spectators went tried to calm the frayed nerves, acting as arbiters as the journalists traded insults and came to blows.


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