The only footballer Okocha was jealous of revealed


Alex Iwobi’s earliest influences in football was football itself and not soo much his uncle, Nigeria’s legendary Austin Jay Jay’ Okocha, but another who was just as great if not more.

The 23 year-old who is currently four seasons into his senior career at premier league side, Arsenal and has 34 international caps with Nigeria, didn’t really think he would become a footballer – his uncle did though.


In an interview last year, Okocha revealed he also knew his little nephew would become a footballer, but the child’s early influences were are concern at the time, the former Eagles captain let on.


Okocha explained that Iwobi had an admiration for England and Newcastle legendary forward Alan Shearer, and it made him jealous.


Asked if he (Iwobi) knew he would become a footballer, the Eagles winger said he was so certain.


But Okocha cut in:

“I knew. He had soo much interest in football. At some point his favorite player used to be Shearer because Shearer used to score a lot of goals.

“I used to get jealous sometimes and then I would be like why not Jay Jay over Shearer,” the visibly proud uncle laughed as he recounted.


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